Align A Neck Directions For Use

Before Applying AAN, completely dry sink bowl and remove any soap/shampoo residue.  This will make sure the AAN adheres properly

Place AAN onto neck cutout in sink by placing the flat side on the inside of the sink.

Push wide aspect of the cushion into the neck cutout so underside ribs make contact the neck cut out of the sink

 Pull corners toward the edge and adhere by pressing firmly on 4 inside suction cups (long side goes on the inside of the sink) **

Pull outside suction cup out straight and adhere to sink

IMPORTANT NOTE: Removal of Align A Neck from the sink must occur by releasing the suction cups using the tabs and not by pulling the unit from the sink.  Pulling the unit from the sink may damage the suction cups and is not covered under your warranty.

** On Certain Sinks only 2 suction cups will adhere, the support will still function normally