Align A Neck Concept

As a chiropractor, I treat many patients who experience neck injuries or aggravation of chronic neck problems following an appointment at the beauty salon, In addition, patients complain of dizziness and feeling light-headed after reclining their head over the sink for perms, color or shampoos. In some instances, patients schedule chiropractic appointments immediately following a salon visit because they know from past experience that neck pain follows a visit to the beauty salon.

As a result, I consulted several salon owners, After visiting the salons, it became apparent that the problem was caused when patrons reclined their head over the shampoo sink. Although operators offer rolled towels to provide a neck cushion, patrons remained at risk as a result of hyperextension.

The solution was obvious. Reduce the hyperextension of the neck and you reduce the pain and related neck/head symptoms.

After designing neck support to prevent hyperextension, I learned of research developed by Neurologist, Michael L. Weintraub, M.D. Dr. Weintraub discovered and named a condition he termed "Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome". He determined that there was a definite connection between strokes that occurred shortly after a patron had visited a beauty salon. He deduced that the reduced blood supply to the brain was caused by hyperextension of the neck or twisting the head when it was in extension.

As the population age 60+ is growing in this country it becomes increasingly important to be aware of the safety and risk factors that affect this age group. Coincidentally, these are the same salon patrons who arrange for "standing" weekly appointments. Unlike younger patrons who make appointments every six weeks for a haircut or color, the patrons at most risk are those patrons who visit the beauty salon every week to ten days. It is important to protect the patrons of salons and to protect the operators and owners from liability. After researching other products on the market that attempt to ease discomfort, I have found that Align-A-Neck is the only product that addresses not only discomfort but supports the neck's musculature and maintains cervical lordotic curve. This product supports the entire neck.

The Align-A-Neck is the only neck support that anatomically contours to the cervical spine. The benefits of the design are as follows:
• Reduces muscle tension
• Maintains its shape
• Maintains and supports normal cervical lordotic curve
• Is waterproof/ dye and stain resistant
• Adaptable to most sinks and chairs Requires no additional hardware. Provides both SAFETY AND COMFORT

Contributing factors causing neck pain with extension:
• Spinal stenosis
• Neurological stenosis
• Disc degeneration
• Facet degeneration
• Osteophytes
• Spinal fusion/Ankylosis

Contributing factors causing dizziness and lightheadedness with neck in extension:
• Disc degeneration
• Osteophytes
• Tortuosity/kinking
• Atheroscerolic placqing